Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Silly Goose

There once was a man from Nantucket and, thanks to years of practicing yoga, he was able to do amazing things. But, the real question is, was he violating sodomy laws by doing such amazing things? Speaking of sodomy, Prop 8 has been in the news. There is so much anger directed at those who voted for Prop 8. Well, you better direct some of that anger my way.

Californian's voted for Prop 8 and I was one of them. Now many will tell me I'm a horrible person and I'm discriminating against gay people. But, that's not the reason I voted for Prop 8. I voted for Prop 8, because I don't feel it's the right of judges to overrule the popular will of the people, and mandate gay marriage. Gay marriage is all about recognition. Gay people currently have all the same legal rights as straight couples, through civil unions, but that's not enough. They want their relationships to be sanctioned and accepted by the public.

I, for one, am more than willing to support a ballot proposition that recognizes the right of gay people to be completely retarded, like straight people, and get married. If they want to be miserable bastards and know the joy of a nasty divorce, that's fine by me. They will have my support, as long as the proposition also protects churches from having to betray their faith by recognizing something that violates their religious beliefs.

If gay people want the recognition and approval of the people, why don't they just ask for it? Why don't they craft such a proposition and ask Californian's to cast their vote in its favor? It's irrational to expect acceptance and recognition, from the public, if you try to force an agenda down their throats. Leave that kind of behavior in the Castro District, where it belongs.

If you want the acceptance and approval of people, outside the gay and lesbian community, you have to ask them for acceptance. You can't gain acceptance by using judges to force an agenda upon them that grants you the right to get married. You can't force someone to accept you. At best they just have to put up with you. If you want acceptance, you have to ask for it. GLAAD, and other organizations, seem to want a fight more than anything else. It's in their interest. Without a fight between gay and straight people, they don't have a mission.

Therefore the gay community has a choice to make. They can either support the same combatant policies that have brought them to this point. Or, they can reject these negative tactics and instead try to make their case to the people why they should be given the privilege to marry. If you want my support, all you have to do is leave the lawyers at home, and ask. Sorry for the Castro district joke, but I couldn't resist.

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