Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rage, Rage Against The Dying of the Light

What does an inexperienced politician, with socialist tendencies, have to do to win the Presidency of the United States of America? Not much, apparently. But, he does require a lot of help. He requires a biased media that is blindly supportive of his candidacy. The help of the extremely rich, and famous, will also be required. Finally he will need the support of an astonishingly ignorant electorate.

His support in the media does not have to be complete. But, it helps when 90% of print and televised media is on your side. Where is the proof of this clear bias you might ask? Lets just look at the treatment that a fellow Democrat was subject to during the primaries. During this period of the election the media demonstrated their bias to such an extent that they began treating one of their former favorites like she was a Republican. It was so transparent and blatant that even the rocket scientists at Saturday Night Live felt the need to mock, the clearly over the top, bias within the media. When a Democrat gets the Republican treatment, it's clear to all, but the most willfully ignorant, that the fix is in. But, this is not enough for the candidate to win. They require help from some familiar, and some not so familiar, faces.

The role of the extremely rich, and famous, is to allow their star power and prestige to benefit the candidate they support. And, like in no other election, they made their presence felt. From the ridiculous get out the vote videos, to Oprah's endorsement of THE ONE, the Hollywood crowd have made their vacuous voices heard. But, let's not forget the role of the extremely rich. THE ONE has also benefited from the active help of one of the least ethical people on the planet, George Soros, and a future exploiter of the tax exempt foundation loophole, Warren Buffett. With the help of such men, THE ONE has enjoyed unprecedented support from 527's, and other nonprofit organizations, as well as undeserved confidence and credibility concerning economic matters. Even with the help of the rich and famous, THE ONE wouldn't have made it this far, without his greatest source of support, the masses.

Only with an electorate made up of the ignorant and emotional, could THE ONE even begin to HOPE to win. Thanks to a nation of voters that have been conditioned by shows like American Idol, THE ONE has been able to run a campaign on nothing more than affective language and imagery. How else could the people of this nation be convinced to vote for a candidate that embraced, a racist theology, a domestic terrorist, and a socialist ideology. All while accomplishing little of significance in his life, let alone his political career. His greatest accomplishment is a speech. Yes, the greatest achievement of note, by the next President of the United States of America, is that he was able to make a speech during the 2004 Democratic Convention. The ignorance and irrationality of the American electorate cannot be ignored, given the results of this election.

What brought us to this point on November 4th 2008? Nothing short of a perfect storm. Major media with an agenda, the rich and famous flexing their collective muscle, and a populous that has exercised their franchise in willful ignorance. This is a turning point in this nation's history, but we have a choice.

Those of us who dissent can choose to call it a day and stop trying, or we can say NO. We can decide to never let this happen again. We can decide to make the day the Dem's are celebrating, the day we are preparing. We can focus on the elections in two years that will determine who runs Congress. We can decide to repeat the revolution of 1994, only this time we will learn from our mistakes. We will live up to our word and not spend like Democrats. We will not allow THE ONE to use Congress to get re-elected. We will prevent THE ONE from destroying this country from within and protect our Constitution from perversion.

In the face of a horrible loss, we can choose to be like our founders, stand up for principle and refuse to let what they fought so hard for, be destroyed for the sake of political convenience. We are Americans. We can do great things. Let's decide to prove that tonight by not letting defeat fill our hearts. Instead, let's allow our resolve to be further strengthened for the fight that will come in 2010.

Tonight is not a night to celebrate, but it is a night to join together for a common cause and realize that, while we have taken a hit, this is far from the end. There is a quote that states, “Everyone has a plan until they've been hit.” Well my friends, we have just been hit. It's our time to stand up, dust ourselves off, and prove that we will not be defeated so easily. As a great man once said, “The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted, it belongs to the brave.” Let's prove him right.

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