Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just How Far We Haven't Come

With the win of Barack Obama a great number of the people across this country, and the media in particular, are patting themselves on the back and cheering at just how far we have come as a nation. By electing a black man to the presidency, we have somehow proven that we aren't racists. Well, I for one, am not cheering.

What are the substantive differences between President Elect Obama and previous politicians that have been elected to the most powerful office in this country? Barack Obama is a rich, elitist with an Ivy League education. He began his political career in big city politics, while associating with some less than reputable characters. He came to office with political baggage, that was born out of his tendency to put political convenience before principle. How does any of this make him different from other politicians? The truth is, it doesn't. The only substantive difference between Barack Obama and other men who sought the office of the presidency, is the hue of his skin. What does it say about people when they consider a genetic trait, of which we have no control over, to be the most significant quality in the President Elect?

If racism was truly behind us all, there wouldn't be people like Chris Mathews patting themselves on the back, and leg, for electing a black man to the presidency. They would treat him like any other politician, and see beyond his race. But, sadly, that's not the case. Those who consider this such a significant event, based solely on the hue of President Elect Obama's skin, have demonstrated just how far we haven't come.

The day we can move beyond identity politics will be a day to celebrate. The day when people are judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin, will be a great day in this nations history. Sadly, November 5th was not that day.


ManBearPig said...

Beautiful, and so true... This was all about a tan...and now that he's won I am starting to see the people let go of their ear plugs and drop their guard and say things that indicate that that is exactly right... They don't know who he is, they don't know what he has said, they don't know what he intends to do...They only know that they got the right pigment of skin into office... And it is as sickening anything I have seen in my life...

Lori_Z said...

Wonderful. And sadly spot on.

This is quite literally the exact opposite of what Martin Luther King spoke of in his I Have A Dream speech.

It pretty much erased everything for which he fought and strived.

I find that heart-breaking beyond belief.

It is not a day to celebrate, really. It is a day to mourn..and it's effects will haunt us for years and years to come, I fear.

Xian Do said...

Great blog!
If there is even the slightest consolation for Obama's win, it's that I have four years where I can proudly say to an Obama supporter "At least, unlike you, I never voted for a presidential candidate based on the color of their skin!"

Jeannie said...

Great Post, and sadly true!!! This is not a step forward in race relations, it is an abomination, and far from the vision that Martin Luther King fought for and lost his life for!!!

How sad that in such a supposedly enlightened country, this is the best black candidate that the left could come up with. *shakes head*